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Mimice, Omis, Croatia – visitor information

Mimice is a small resort in the centre of Dalmatia located in wonderful scenery between the slopes of Dinara and crystal clear Adriatic sea. The settlement is more than 300 hundred years old, which is verified by some archaeological excavations near the settlement church, and tourists have recognized the beauties of this place in the 1920ies. The settlement has two gravely beaches known for their white strands and they are equally attractive to both older and younger visitors. A couple of smaller, extremely beautiful and peaceful beaches can offer you some privacy and a serene getaway and some of these beaches are reachable only by boat. This location is ideal for family vacations with children as well as for the elderly, and it is away from the city noise and crowds at all times. It is only 11km away from the town of Omis and 23km away from Makarska and the vicinity of towns offers night activities as well as an active vacation. You can either go bar hopping in one of the two cities or try free climbing, mountain biking, rafting, scuba diving, paragliding and other. From the events that take place in Mimice we must accentuate the „Fishermen night” in the month of August, „Entertainment nights” (Zabavne večeri) in the harbour with its entertaining programme as well as the day of St. Roko (Sv. Rok) the saint patron of Mimice. The settlement has a local store and many quiet pleasant cafes and restaurants next to the sea where you can enjoy a cold drink, good wine or taste the Mediterranean cuisine.

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Distance from bigger centres

Mimice - Makarska. 26km, Mimice- Split: 38km, Mimice - Pula: 550km, Mimice - Rijeka: 450km, Mimice - Zadar: 195km, Mimice - Šibenik: 129km, Mimice - Dubrovnik: 212km, Mimice - Zagreb: 447km

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